How Jennifer Lawrence Butt Scratching almost killed someone.

Jennifer Lawrence, who is 26 years old, is a great actress. Actually, even her co-actor Chris Pratt attests to the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is among the greatest actresses. She is famous because of her roles in films like “Passengers”, “Hunger Games” among others.

Meanwhile, some awkward news has emerged of how Jennifer nearly killed someone through butt scratching on a rock. Allow me to explain… In fact, Jennifer and her co-actor for the Passenger Movie (Chris Pratt) and the British celebrity Jamie Oliver shared the funny story on Graham Norton.

It happened as Jennifer and her co-actors were filming the movie Hunger Games. The filming was taking place near some near some “sacred” rocks, which were not meant to be sat on. Jennifer told the audience that the reason the rocks were sacred and not to be sat on, was because it was a sin to reveal your private parts to these rocks. However, according to Jennifer Lawrence, she was permitted to use them, since she was in a wetsuit (thus couldn’t reveal anything).

Actually, Jennifer revealed that the rocks great butt scratching and they turned to be a necessity for her. She even showed the audience how she would scratch her butt upon these rocks. Very hilarious.

However, one-day things turned for the worse according to the actor. “One rock, which was a giant rock, came loose due to my butt scratching. The rock rolled down the mountain and nearly destroyed the sound personnel.” She said. “His whole station got dismantled.”

Jennifer Lawrence notes that the Hawaiians thought it as a message from the gods. “The Hawaiians were like, Oh my God, it’s the curse!’ And sitting in a corner I was like, Haha! I am your curse! I released it with my a..!”

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